Bean weeding…

This week saw a change in the weather, with the damp conditions great for doing some dibbing at Rushford.

Transplanting has continued at a steady pace with the final onions, beetroot, lettuce and a whole load of spring onions going into the beds. The polytunnels at Longfield are overflowing with plants ready to go out, and some of the brassicas have been moved outside to start toughening up for the less gentle climate of the outside world.

The wet weather also meant that we were able to spend a cosy morning planting out all the tomatoes into the polytunnel at Longfield, where they are now settling in for the summer.

Samson and Bilberry have been busy making lots of beds for the young veg to be transplanted into. They are looking sleek and ready for the coming summer season having shed the last of their winter coats in this warmer weather (see photo!).

Things are also hotting up in the weed world, and we’ve been tackling this with plentiful weeding in the potatoes, wee peas, leeks and broad beans.

Have a good week!

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