Good ol’ Muck!

This week we’ve been mostly spreading muck with our brand new horse-drawn forecart. The forecart is simply a two-wheeled cart with a tow hitch that is pulled by both Samson & Tally, onto which we can attach any number of implements from our Millcreek land-driven muck spreader to a set of chain harrows, rollers and even just a trailer. Ed knocked the cart together as he was getting a bit bored over the winter and we must say we’re mighty pleased with how it has turned out!

We are incredibly fortunate to have an endless supply of (mostly) well rotted organic farmyard manure from the over wintered cattle in the sheds at Rushford, ad even more fortunate to have two wonderfully biddable horses to do the hard work of spreading it for us! It has so far taken us a full day of spreading to cover half of our 5-acre plot. Whilst we were plodding away with our two-horse-power combination there were contractors spreading the rest of the 200 acres on the farm using 250HP New Holland’s and spreaders that shifted 15 tonnes an acre at a rate of ten acres an hour.

Still – it ain’t what you do its  the way that you do it – apparently!

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