An Ode to the Leeks!

As a grower it feels a little bit cheeky to have a favourite vegetable. In an ideal world all of you luscious Chagfood vegetables would be grown with indiscriminate attention to detail and careful husbandry. Regrettably this isn’t the case. Leeks have always been, are probably always will be, Eds favourite. And although all of the veg grown at Rushford this year has been cared for to the best of our ability our four leek beds – containing between them around 7,000 little beauties – have received unfair attention.

Using our newly-imported horse-drawn riding cultivator we have been able to thoroughly weed the leek beds every week throughout the main part of the summer. The result has been very clean growing conditions of which the little darlings have made the upmost.

The three varieties we have grown this year; Bandit, Tadorna and Hannibal, have been chosen to provide a broad supply throughout the autumn and winter months and, thanks to generous helpings of well-rotted organic muck combined with a fantastic growing season, we have managed to produce our most impressive leek crop to date.

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