First boxes of the new season!

Dear Chagfood Members!

It is with great pleasure that we deliver your first Chagfood box of the season.  After weeks and weeks of cultivating, sowing, planting out and weeding in the baking sunshine it feels like we’ve had a fantastic start to the summer and the crops are looking very healthy as a result. The picture on the right shows our sprinklers in action at Longfield today – testament to the fact that we’ve recieved less than 3mm of rain over the past month!

Inside this week’s box you’ll find the first crops grown on our new site at Rushford Mill. The waxy new potatoes are from a variety called “Casablanca” and have been growing since mid March. They are best lightly boiled for 10-12 minutes and then eaten immediately with a sprinkle of salt & pepper and healthy serving of butter. You will also find either a spring cabbage or some kale which was sown last autumn and has grown right through the winter. The crispy fresh mixed salad was grown at Longfield along with the beetroot, chard, fresh herbs and flowers (for those of you fortunate enough to get them this week).

This is a true early season box which represents the end of the hungry-gap and the start of the fresh vegetable year. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we’ve enjoyed growing it .

Some of you will have heard by now that we are holding our inaugural “Annual potato weeding party” tomorrow (Friday 12th July) from 9am at Rushford. You are all invited to come along to see the new field, help us find the potatoes, have some tea & cake and join us for a swim in the river.  It would be fantastic to have as much help as possible – even for an hour or so. We’ll be there all day so feel free to call us for directions and pop along anytime.

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